Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ultra Find

Ultra Find is a Find in Files substitute for Visual Studio 2010.

Take advantage of Windows Search and sift through millions of lines of code in seconds. Ultra Find also enables you to:

  • Search for classes and methods
  • Exclude file patterns
  • Zoom in Find Results
  • Highlight matches
  • Configure presets
  • Maintain an unlimited number of Find Results windows

Ultra Find is multi-instance friendly and keeps its settings and search history synchronized between multiple instances of Visual Studio in real time.

Using Windows Search is not required, but is highly recommended when searching across large code bases.

Zoom in and out of Find Results by using the mouse wheel (while holding the Ctrl key) or by changing the zoom percentage located next to the scroll bar.

Maintain presets and restore your frequently used search settings:

Change navigation behavior:

Customize colors by changing the Find Results Window color category in Tools > Environment > Fonts and Colors.

See Getting Started for additional info on how to install and use Ultra Find.


  1. My kingdom for a VS2012 update! Or source code so someone else can take a crack at it if you've moved on. I sorely miss this wonderful extension.

  2. for anyone that keeps coming here in hopes of an update
    look at this -